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Is it still kombucha?

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This is all wonderful and amazing but what about the health benefits? Is it still as healthy as a non-alcoholic kombucha? Does it have the same amount of nutrients and healthy bacteria? The answer is, yes it does! Dr Hops Real Hard Kombucha is full of antioxidants, probiotics, and fresh organics. Antioxidants come from the organic fruits and plants we use, and the organic acids produced by the kombucha culture are completely unpasteurized and unfiltered, giving our kombucha a nutrient-packed punch. Probiotic is a fancy word for healthy gut bacteria that helps with digestion, immune system function, and strengthening intestinal cells. Still full of antioxidants, it will ‘clean up’ the waste in your cells. The organic component is one of the best parts. All the ingredients are clean and straight from the earth. No processing, GMO’s, or additives are added. Plus, it is gluten-free and rich in energizing B vitamins! Not a single animal product is used during our process. It’ll have you feeling less bloated, more energized, and oh so clean! 

Now we know we have you convinced that you need some alcoholic kombucha in your life, but we do want to leave you with this reminder! While there are an incredible amount of health benefits it should not be the end-all-be-all drink. Like all good things in life, enjoy in moderation! That being said, Dr Hops is proud to identify as a healthier alternative to most other alcohols. Fewer calories, fewer carbs, and more nutrients will have you feeling vibrant and enlivened. If you like kombucha, and all the benefits that come with it, come try Dr Hops Real Hard Kombucha.  You’ll love it! 

Do you add alcohol?

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Our process starts just like any other kombucha does, the fermentation of tea, sugar, and SCOBY. If you didn’t know, SCOBY is an acronym for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. We know, bacteria and yeast? Not the most delicious-sounding ingredients out there but trust us, it’s all a healthy culture of bacteria that helps with digestion and overall gut health. Usually, non-alcoholic kombucha is fermented for around 1-2 weeks, depending on what flavor and acidity is desired. Then flavors are added in and the batch is set aside to rest for another 2-4 days. We follow a similar process. The difference comes into play after the first kombucha fermentation is complete. We then implement a second stage of fermentation, adding a bit of brewer’s yeast. We let these yeasts go to town and ferment for an additional 5-7 days with a tightly closed lid.  Then we add hops, roots, herbs, spices, and whole organic fruit And there you have it! Kombucha with an ABV of 8-11%. 

What is alcoholic kombucha?

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Dr Hops Real Hard Kombucha is proud to be the very best in alcoholic kombucha. All organic (except for some of the hops), 100% vegan, and packed full of nutrients and awesome healthy bacteria for your gut. The difference here is ABV! Dr Hops contains ABV similar to that of a double IPA. Ranging from 8-11% ABV, now we’re livin’ the dream! Kombucha with a kick!

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