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We brew with a proprietary alcohol-tolerant kombucha culture, combining them with the world’s finest organic, fair-trade ingredients, including organic hops & hop terpenes.

The process is 100% hand-crafted resulting in tantalizing craft alcohol styles.

No BS.

No extracts. No “flavorings”. No aseptic (pasteurized) purees. No GMO ingredients. No grains or glutens. No pasteurization or filtration. No added alcohols.

DR-HOPS-Real-Hard-Kombucha being enjoyed by friends
Preparing real hard kombucha with organic ingredients

Our Process

First we allow our proprietary kombucha, vibrant with lactobacillus cultures, to ferment a blend of organic & fair-trade tea (green & black), yerba mate, and cane sugar.

Once sufficiently potent we add select brewers yeasts to produce additional alcohol. Then we add organic & unpasteurized fruits, herbs & hops. And then we wait!

Once we have the intensity & balance we desire, we “cold crash” our brews and let the particulates settle out naturally. We never filter or put Dr Hops through a centrifuge.

This way you get ALL of the flavor, aroma, nutritional content, prebiotics & live cultures that are available from our incredible ingredients.

Eventually we add a very small amount of additional organic, fair-trade sugar and carbonation. And then we put it all in a can so you can take it with you anywhere!

Our Origin

Two passionate beverage lovers, a party & a sticky note.

Oakland 2015. Midnight. The fridge. Surrounded by partying yogis & friends we debate:

Can we brew profoundly health-conscious alcohol with transcendent taste?


Craftsmanship you can taste. And feel.

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